October Sermon Topics.

First Church Congregational Sermons will Focus on “The Politics of Jesus”


First Church Congregational Sermons Focus on “The Politics of Jesus”

                “The Politics of Jesus” continues as the October sermon topic within First Church, Congregational, on the Square in Downtown Painesville. Rev. Tom Cofer explores Jesus Christ’s role in addressing political issues, not in a “partisan political” manner but in teaching his followers to cope with their political environments. The services are at 9 and 11 a.m., each Sunday in October.

  •                  The first sermon, Sunday Oct. 1, introduced a context for Jesus’ political environment – the Israeli era of captivity and exodus from Egypt, plus their various foreign rulers, last being the Romans at the time he was born. Last week, he covered “People’s Needs are Holy & Giving a Voice to the Voiceless.”

                “We don’t think of Jesus as a ‘political’ figure, however, nothing could be further from the truth,” Rev. Cofer says. “By the time of Jesus’ arrival, the Jewish people had already experienced an extensive history of being oppressed and dominated by foreign rule, as well as the kingship of leaders who exploited the people. They had a cycle of following God, then turning away from God, and this basically repeated until Christ came.”

                Rev. Cofers will focus on relevant scriptures throughout the month.

                “Yes, part of Jesus’ message was about the coming kingdom of God, and about what it would be like when that day came, but he also spoke truth to power and led people to God through word and deed by challenging the authorities and the people to work toward creating a new reality,” he adds.

The final sermon topics are:

  •   This Sunday (Oct 15) the topic is “Jesus’ Politics: Expose Oppression & Naming the Enemy Scripture.” Rev. Cofer will draw from Matthew 10:1-16; Mark 5:1-10.
  • October 22nd: Jesus Politics: Righteous Anger at the Mistreatment of Others; Taking Hits and Not Returning Them; Don’t Just Explain the Kingdom of God, but Show It; 
  • October 29th: Practicing the Politics of Jesus Today.

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