Covenant Circle

September 2014

Covenant Circle would like to share with you the joy we have experienced over the last year in our study group.  We are a group of six women who meet once a month at one of our homes.  We Studied Max Lucado’s book Grace.  This time spent together as a small group allowed us not only to gain insight into what grace means for our Christian life, but  it gave us the opportunity to build friendships.  These friendships have brought us laughter along the way, as well as, support and guidance for the more serious concerns in our lives.  Coming together in a relaxed and comfortable setting has given us the opportunity to really get to know one another in a personal and supportive way.  It has nurtured our hearts and spirits in Christian love and friendship.

Bonnie Peddie or Karen Berry would be glad to share information and answer any questions you might have about getting a small group together for study and fellowship.  It can be warm and fulfilling journey in our spiritual life.

Bonnie Peddie 440-255-6170                                     Karen Berry 440-354-7732



Covenant circle brings two concepts together. A covenant is a promise among individuals to share a common activity or interest.

The circle represents a continuous group joined together moving around a fixed point.

Our Covenant Circle is a small group of individuals gathered together to study and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, Our Fixed Point, that we might better understand what our faith means to us as individuals and to those we interact with in our lives.

The first Covenant Circle is a small group of women reading and discussing the book “Grace” by Max Lucado.  We meet once a month and share our thoughts and interpretations of what “Grace” means in the life of a Christian.


The subject matter and format may be whatever the particular group feels would benefit its participants.  The benefits of a small group, as well as the hope, is that we might get to know one another more personally and find relationships that bring enjoyment, support, and encouragement when life brings unexpected difficulties and concerns our way.

Information about starting another Covenant Circle is available by contacting Bonnie Peddie at 440-255-6170 or  Karen Berry  at 440-354-7732.

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